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Utah-Based Company, Qwerke, Expanding Into Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, And Montana; Is There Hope For Re-Engaging U.S. Workers?

Utah-Based Company, Qwerke, Expanding Into Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, And Montana; Is There Hope For Re-Engaging U.S. Workers?

Gallup’s research shows that 70% of U.S. Workers are not engaged or actively disengaged, meaning emotionally disconnected from their workplace and less likely to be productive.

Qwerke announces the expansion of their Utah based company into Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming and Montana to transform corporate cultures from weakness management to strengths-based development. To commemorate this expansion, Qwerke is challenging Executive Leaders to re-engage their workforce. Employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to growth, productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and success.

Leaders often say that people are the organization’s greatest asset. But, the reality is, most organizations focus on competencies and designing development plans targeted at overcoming weaknesses.  This approach only yields mediocre results. It is estimated that actively disengaged employees are costing the U.S. between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. American companies will continue to struggle to create new jobs and achieve sustainable growth if engagement goes unaddressed, which will severely impact the U.S. economy in the very near future.

Qwerke knows that for any culture shift to take place, cultural change is a long-term commitment that must be modeled and disseminated from the top down.  With your organization’s success at the forefront, Qwerke has grown its team of Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches to bring decades of proven research, expertise, tools and strategies too small to mid-size companies (defined as 30-500 employees).  “We value the fact that executive leaders have their own approach to their organization’s vision to cultivate balance, innovation and excellence. Our goal is to create influential leaders who instill trust, compassion, stability and hope in the people they manage,” says Ryan Houmand, Founder of Qwerke.

Qwerke’s team of Coaches are all certified to use Strengthsfinder as one of many tools created to transform traditional management approaches into strengths-based development. Strengthsfinder® enables managers to discover their own talents and those talents of their employees. With additional coaching and training on application of this new knowledge, managers become more effective at creating positive dialogue, boosting teams’ engagement, and providing the best opportunities for maximizing performance to achieve desired outcomes.

Once a level of understanding and language of talents and strengths are established with senior leaders and managers, Qwerke coaches, together with managers, take Strengthsfinder® to their teams.

Houmand states, “We know that a team’s success ultimately depends on its ability to perform. Therefore, we help managers and their teams to purposefully invest in their talents and manage potential gaps and vulnerabilities to better equip them to accomplish goals and performance objectives and to positively respond to everyday situations.”

Gallup studies show people who use their strengths every day are 6 times more likely to be engaged on the job and have 7.8% greater productivity. Teams that receive strengths feedback have 8.9% greater profitability. When managers influence and inspire engagement, their job become easier and their teams more productive. Gallup’s research discovered that groups with high employee engagement are 21% more productive and the organization experiences 22% higher profitability. In addition, highly engaged teams experience 37% lower absenteeism and 10% higher customer ratings.

About Qwerke:

Qwerke coaches deliver tools and strategies that are strengths-based, engagement focused, and performance-oriented to help managers and their teams’ unique challenges. Our mission is to deliver expert coaching and training to small and mid-size companies to help maximize their workforce’s full potential and increase engagement, productivity and profitability. Such coaching and training programs were once only available to large organizations such as Disney, Best-Buy, Google, Facebook, and Harley Davidson who had the budget to bring Gallup in-house to create strengths-based organizations. Qwerke’s customized programs are tailored to each organization based on size, unique challenges faced, and budget. As a company with business experts from diverse industries, Qwerke has the experience and expertise to deliver similar results proven by Gallup affordably too small and mid-size organizations, thus making the Return on Investment (ROI) highly valuable with long-term sustainable results.

To meet the Qwerke team, learn more about our programs, or to request a complimentary consultation, visit

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