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Mirror of Desire: Fantasy novel, art-book and multimedia app!

Mirror of Desire: Fantasy novel, art-book and multimedia app!

Available for preorder on Monday, May 18.

Mirror of Desire is bringing the essence of ancient mysticism and spirituality into the format of a fantasy novel. This media project consists of a deluxe hardbound printed art book, media-rich Ipad app, music album and a fulldome immersive experience.

This collaboration of evolutionary artists spent over a decade researching wisdom books from many ancient traditions and created maps, references and imaginary devices that will help you visualize and understand the deeper meaning of the ancients and their urgent message to the residents of today.

Story by Ananta Govinda, Artwork by Android Jones and Vedic Renaissance Collective.

Music by Ananta Govinda, Indubious, John Wubbenhorst, Alex Liapin, Alan Tower, Anders Wasserfall and others.

Based on an opening book in a fantasy sequel, this fantasy saga will take you on a journey of self-discovery, where deep philosophical concepts will shine through amazing artwork and creative visual presentations! This thought provoking saga will not only expand the imagination with a dynamic plot and stunning visuals, but will also reflect onto the guidance from the ancients to the modern man.

Weaving an intricate storyline of two companions – Kastuba and Adi – on their descent from the Timeless Realm into the world of Blu Arth, the reader will follow the pilgrims on their quest to the Pyramid, Self-Writing Book and then ultimately face their reflections by understanding innermost desire of the heart in the Mirror of Desire! This action plot with a multidimensional philosophy storyline will surprise you with logic puzzles, obscure and poetic references and incredible illustrations that will help you visualize the science of magic!

Here are some samples of how we can convert the artwork into a media experience that invites you on a personal journey:

The Mirror of Desire album release consists of 11 original tracks unique in its beauty and sonic quality and will be available as eco friendly hard-copy or digital download. 

Preview some of the demo mixes here:

This coming Monday, May 18, you can support crowdfunding campaign and pre-order this epic production as a hardbound deluxe print edition, media rich Ipad app with original music, narration and artwork or an E-book compatible with all readers. Select from varieties of unique perks – signed prints and posters, t-shirts and yantra treasure boxes!

Preview campaign here:

Support Campaign here on 18th:

Visit the website here:

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