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Dare to answer! A new tool for self-development

Dare to answer! A new tool for self-development

Reflection Cubes LLC has developed a new personal development tool that gives individuals, teams, and groups framework for defining goals, guide for character development necessary for achievements and, finally, encouragement to take the necessary steps to achieve the aim. Reflection Cubes is a set of nine dice and a Reflection Pad. The theory behind the idea is based on virtue philosophy that Aristotle and other classical philosophers wrote about centuries ago, and Josef Pieper in the last century.

Reflection Cubes have launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the production of Reflection Cubes:

“We’ve all been there. Binge-watching TV series when we know we need to get some sleep, making decisions too quickly, finishing an ice cream pack. I’ve definitely been there,” says Raivis Kalnins, one of the creators of Reflection Cubes. “Our temperament sometimes might hold us back, but there is a way to strengthen our character. Just like we need to exercise for our bodies to be physically healthy, Reflection Cubes help us train our character. We train it by practicing good habits.”

We all know how difficult it is to change our habits – especially the bad ones. That is exactly where Reflection Cubes come in: they will help you get closer to achieving a more balanced life, guide your character development, give you a reason to start meaningful discussions with people who matter, and allow you to experience personal growth… in an engaging and playful manner.

Reflection Cubes and the Reflection Pad can be used individually or in teams. Each die addresses a specific set of questions (Reflection Pad also offers additional questions for those who choose to dig deeper). The first one is always the Life Goal cube that inspires you to ask the big questions of life. It is followed by virtue cubes (listed by colors): Red (prudence and physical health), Orange (criteria for action – humility and justice) and Green (fortitude, temperance and confidence). The last cube encourages taking positive action to create healthy habits and reach harmony in life.

Reflection Cubes aim to raise $10,000 via Kickstarter in order to start production of the Cubes. 10% from the sales of each set of Reflection Cubes will be invested in social initiatives aligned with its mission.

Fun facts:

• At first there were 8 dice in the set; the last one added was “Physical Health”

• There are 54 questions on all dice combined, which gives 93,312 variations

• First “mass production” was carried out by 20 youth activists and produced about 20 sets

Learn more about Reflection Cubes:, and 

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