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Apple gets mixed ruling in patent fight with Samsung

Apple gets mixed ruling in patent fight with Samsung

A federal appeals court Monday gave Apple (AAPL) a mixed ruling in the tech giant’s patent-infringement case against rival Samsung Electronics in the companies’ global battle for mobile phone supremacy.Fifth-Avenue-Apple-Store

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reversed part of the $930 million verdict Apple won against Samsung in 2012 over allegations that Samsung’s smartphones improperly used some of the patented features found in Apple’s iPhones.

The 38-page decision upheld the patent-infringement violations found by a California federal jury, denying part of Samsung’s legal appeal. However, the appeals court also vacated the jury’s $382 million award for Samsung’s dilution of Apple’s trade dress — the term that refers to the design and shape or configuration of a product.

The appeals court ruled that “the jury’s findings of non-functionality of the asserted trade dresses were not supported by substantial evidence,” and sent that part of the case back to the California federal court for reconsideration and adjustment.