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Introducing A New Innovative Brand Of Clothing Created By Elvis “Papi” Edwards. VapRwear, The New Smokeable Clothing

Introducing A New Innovative Brand Of Clothing Created By Elvis “Papi” Edwards. VapRwear, The New Smokeable Clothing

Elvis “Papi” Edwards discovered an amazing opportunity to blend comfort with discreet functionality, hence came the birth of VapRwear. The VapRwear brand is easily distinguished by Papi’s pelican icon with his signature red mohawk. The pelican proudly adorns all VapRwear discreet, smokable gear, complete with custom grommets designed to fit the dlo e-cig vapesystem. The idea came the Caribbean native after the recent changes in Colorado legislation. Elvis “Papi” Edwards is also a former athlete, socialite, model, actor, and entrepreneur. 

Emerging from the Colorado mountain town of Aspen, VapRwear launched this new tactful, high-fashion, smokable apparel at the Winter X-games surrounded by superstars including Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. It’s since has been capturing the attention of the nation’s growing marijuana industry. What a hit this would have been at Woodstock! Are you always misplacing your vape pen? If so you will love this product! Utilizing the dlo-3vape system, all you have to do is grab your hoodies drawstrings and inhale. Your clothes become your bong and it is a real time-saver!

Celebrating responsible use of legal marijuana, nicotine, and vapor-based accessories is what was in mind when Edwards designed them. Built within the lining of the hoodie, the patented D-LO3(Dee Lo 3) system is the brainchild of the VapRwear line. The hood has private pockets for the slim built-in D-LO3 vapor device, this one-of-a-kind clothing line is gaining attention not just nationally but on a global platform. With a complete vapor system built in with the first release of these stylish hoodies, VapRwear is offering an all-in-one vapor system that fits the image and lifestyle of Colorado and like-minded communities. The fashion line is designed to be compatible with a variety of oils, flowers, and waxes, including flavored blends.

“It’s the first smokable system that’s integrated into your clothing line,” shares VapRwear. “You can vape comfortably with high-quality fabric, knowing that you are respectable and responsible, and you look great wearing it, too!” The main feature is the fact that the wearer is able to vape without drawing much attention to themselves and that my friends is worth its weight in gold!

A trademark of the VapRwear clothing is the Signature Red interior lining and DLO-3 vape system offering consumers new choices in high quality fashion while vaping on the best the industry has to provide. What designers will do with the D-LO3 system is endless… and exciting!

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