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Comic Book Project “Tangos for Orangos” Shines Spotlight on Endangered Orangutans

Comic Book Project “Tangos for Orangos” Shines Spotlight on Endangered Orangutans

Both the Bornean and Sumatran species of orangutans are currently on the list of endangered animals. Less than 7,000 of the Sumatran species currently survive and only about 50,000 of the Bornean species remain. Orangutans are immensely important as cousins that split from the ancestors of humans almost 14 million years ago, and their loss would be a tragedy for the world. A new effort “Tangos for Orangos” spearheaded by Neville Howard and Alana Bruyn of Melbourne Comics that includes the work of almost 50 collaborators from the U.S., Canada, UK, South Africa and Australia will help raise awareness of the plight of orangutans.

“Tangos for Orangos” will appear as a 32 page floppy comic or a full featured 60+ page comic that will include short stories and pinups. “Tangos for Orangos” showcases the artistic and literary talents of some of the industry’s leaders, with proceeds going towards The Orangutan Project, a non-profit that helps preserve orangutan habitats, nurture and rehabilitate orangutans, and help re-introduce them to their natural environments. The Orangutan Project is valiantly fighting the mass destruction of the Indonesian rainforests where both species reside, as well as poaching of orangutan for black market trade. Hundreds of young orangutans are left parentless due to encroaching development and hunting.

While the problem of orangutan endangerment is enormous, “Tangos for Orangos” is only an initial effort by a small but dedicated group of individuals. The sales of “Tangos for Orangos” comics will be used to nurture and transition a single, displaced orangutan. With your help the “Tangos for Orangos” hope to raise the $4,000 needed to help preserve the life of one of the most important apes on the planet.

To help reach this goal, the “Tangos for Orangos” team has sponsored a campaign on Indiegogo. Through this campaign, backers can receive valuable perks like PDF versions of the 32 page “Tangos for Orangos” comic, signed copies, signed copies of the 64 page book, prints, copies with a unique cover, original artwork, medical care for an orangutan orphan, vet care, a year’s worth of food for an orangutan orphan, or the hire of a personal carer for an orangutan orphan.

To learn more about “Tangos for Orangos” or to make a contribution to this historic project, please visit

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